A black-yellow-red logo

For the past few months, we have been proudly displaying our new logo. It will now be increasingly present on our mail, networks and equipment.

We wished it in the colours of Belgium.

If our activity is international, we are happy to develop it from a territory that is dear to our hearts and family history.

Black, yellow and red in the colours of Belgium and in the colours of this Olympic victory won by François Mathy in 1976.

Historically, each hue has a meaning: sand, lion, claws and teeth. It is the strength of a nation that is embodied in this choice. So we could only be inspired by it.

3 horses tinged with strength and determined to advance beyond the obstacles. Our logo is also refined and elegant in the image of François Mathy; discreet and loyal.

Red is a strong symbol. It is associated with love, passion, risk-taking.

Black is undoubtedly the most complex, deepest colour. Throughout the world, its interpretation is multiple. As far as we are concerned, it symbolizes balance. Our name appears in this shade, because behind this logo is the story of a family whose balance is based on this tremendous passion.

Yellow refers to the sun. It represents movement, agility. In Japan, yellow is associated with strength and courage. In India, in trade.

Depending on the needs, it will be declined in different forms.