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Enjoy a unique experience in a green environment. Discover new infrastructures in the heart of which you will find the best instructors in the world.

Choose private or collective training sessions.

You can choose working with Mark Hayes, François Mathy Jr or Charlotte Bettendorf. But also the discreet presence of François Mathy observing your work from a distance.

“ Our instructors speak in several languages “

Our instructors have many personal victories as well as their students. Some of our instructors are classified among the 100 best in the world.

Alongside us, you will benefit from customised learning in order to improve your style, to gain in speed and dexterity. Your ability to anticipate is also fine-tuned.

Together, we will make an exact overview of your strengths and weaknesses. We find a solution to each of your issues.

Our instructors speak in several languages. Do not hesitate to tell us in which language you would like to communicatie so that we can direct you towards the most tailored profiles depending on your needs.

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