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This family know-how is appreciated for many years

This family know-how has been appreciated for many years by a demanding customers as Ward Mclain, Penelope Leprevost, Peter Charles, … .

During these years, François Mathy and his family were able to convince. More than business relations, these are perennial links that the Mathy have knotted through meetings; working from father to son, from generation to generation. As evidenced by the few words that follow.


“ Francois Mathy and my father began a partnership in 1979 that would become not only a lasting business success but also a lifetime friendship. I was fortunate enough to be able to carry on that relationship professionally and personally. The partnership that we have created, and the results it had produced has shaped my career. More importantly though I know in Francois I have an ally and partner in horses and in life. ”

Ward McLain


François Mathy is great horse man, it’s undeniable. To me, he is especially big for his human qualities. His sensibility, his values, his simplicity have made him a true friend. François is a rare man with whom I appreciate collaborating for many years.

Pénélope Leprevost

“ I’ve known you since 1992, I consider you one of my very close friends. I brought my first horse from you, 27 years ago. Brought plenty more since, some cheap some expensive!

My Children, Harry Sienna and Scarlett have all won countless medals at European championships on great horses from François.

Yes we are all getting older, but are not done yet! So Francois we salute you not just as a great horseman, but as a wonderful person and a great friend! Long may it continue.

Peter Charles

“ I have known François for 45 years, he is a gentleman and a friend, to me he is one of the greatest professionnels I know. Respected by everybody, owned and sold world class horses all over the world. Full of energy and with ideas, able to explain things with just a few words like not to many can do. I have lots of respects for him and like him a lot. ”
Willy Van Der Ham

“ I know François.. for around 50 years. When Markus and I were juniors, my father and Francois did many businesses together. They sold together a nice horse to Leon Melchior, who competed at many great international shows. We became and still are very good friends. Francois is a great horseman, very very honest, people like him are rare in our business. ”
Thomas Fuchs

“ François Mathy, a wonderful man I will always be extremely thankful to! He was there for me in my difficult times and I could always count on him as a mentor and a friend. Not only is he one of the very few real honest horse men, he is also an extremely kind and fun person to spend time with around a good meal or while looking for horses. I owe him a lot of what I archived in this horse world and thanks to him, some of my biggest dreams came true! ”

Marc Bettinger