When the story hits the same family twice.

It is a week full of emotions that ends for François Mathy junior and his family.

“It had never happened before: Belgium won the Calgary Nations Cup for the first time in its history, 15 days after its European title… with a second team! “writes Studforlife.

Among the riders, one of our own, our blood, our son, François Mathy Junior.

François JR/ Uno Calgary 2019 @caragrishaw

On all the pictures, it is distinguished by its size and its frame. Physically, François does not go unnoticed, he is always the greatest.

His career path sets him apart again. And, without a doubt, thanks to him, our name will continue to resonate in the equestrian world for a long time to come.

43 years earlier, in 1976, François Senior, was a medalist in the same territory. The enthusiasm was also strong. It was a day that marked the history of the family as well as the equestrian world.

Canada, 1976

We might think that Canada, so dear to our hearts, brings us luck, but when it twice becomes a historical event, our hearts get carried away and emotions take us away.

What François father and son offer to our family and to horseback riding is simply remarkable. We have great admiration for them.

A few days ago, François Junior contributed to “a first time”. A first historical time with all that it contains of magic, uniqueness, strength and feelings.

Equi-Book august 2019

For months, François Mathy Jr. has been questioned by many journalists who keep asking him the same question: what is your dream? François’ answer is always the same: The 2020 Olympic Games.

It is through determination that dreams become projects.

Today, François Jr. no longer dreams, he acts on it.

Congratulations François.

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