Byzance de Menge

Byzance de Menge referme ce très bon week-end pour les chevaux de l’Ecurie Mathy avec un dernier classement…3ème de la finales des 7ans aujourd’hui à Opglabbeek. 

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Already a victory for Ikea!

One of the new star from Ecurie Mathy’s stables is named Ikea!!!
Arrived a coupe of weeks ago this 10yo mare already won the 1.40 class this evening with Charlotte Bettendorf at the CSI2* in Opglabbeek. 

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Some years ago, the story started at Ecurie François Mathy. That was only the beginning and this couple gave us so many magic moments…

Tomorrow will be another special moment…We wish to Rothchild the best retirement.



Adrienne Sternlicht & Cristalline (by Ecurie François Mathy) clear in the first round of the nations cup at The World Equestrian Games in Tryon!


Amazing start at WEG!!

After the first round, Mclain Ward ended up 8th with a clear round, Abdel Said is also clear after a super round of Jumpy (by Ecurie François Mathy), Adrienne Sternlicht did a good job with Cristalline (by Ecurie François Mathy). 
We can’t wait the second round!

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First day of Weg for Jumping riders!

We wish a very good WEG to our friend and partner Mclain and all riders with a horse by Ecurie François Mathy:

Adrienne Sternlicht with Cristalline, Yuri Mansur with Ibelle Ask and Abdel Said with Jumpy van de Hermitage.

Let the game begin! Good luck all!!!

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So close!

All the determination of Charlotte Bettendorf and the talent of Gaesbekers Glamour Girl almost payed. In the final this afternoon, they jumped a clear 1st round and did the best time in the jump off with 4 faults and ended up 4th. They were so close of the title of 7yo world champion. What a fantastic week-end!!! Well done!!!

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Strong finish for Baladine du Chanu in Lanaken.

Amazing horses by Ecurie François Mathy in Lanaken! 
One more clear round for Charlotte Bettendorf and Baladine du Chanu. 11th in the consolation class for 7yo horses today at the World Championships for young horses.

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Mclain Ward and Gigi’s Girl winners of Hamptons Classic Grand Prix

Peter Doubleday says he’s “the king of Hampton classic”.
With 7 victories in this Grand Prix (2 times Twist du Vallon by Ecurie François Mathy, 2 times Sapphire by Ecurie François Mathy, 1 time Hurricane, 1 time Antares, 1 time Gigi’s Girl by Ecurie François Mathy), Mclain Ward made history…


Julysse et Charlotte take all in Verbier!

After their victory on Friday in the 1.40 class, Julysse and Charlotte Bettendorf made impressive wins in the small Grand Prix at CSI3 * Verbier. But Salta de Cartigny also showed all his strengths in Verbier finishing 3rd in a 1.35 class . What a weekend!
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