Marlon Zanotelli champion with François Mathy

Double gold medalist at the Pan-American Games with horses recommended by François Mathy, Marlon Zanotelli answers our questions.

How did you meet François Mathy? I met François personally through my former boss Enda Carroll. François is a gentleman I admire, he is an incredible horse man, he has a lot of experience in our field and he was one of the best riders of his time.

Which horses did he recommend to you? One of the first important horses of my career was a mare called Ode des Roche’s, for which François and Enda had a partnership. She has won a large number of competitions. She has made a significant contribution to my professional development. Sirene de la Motte is a mare belonging to Christophe Legue who is a close friend of François. François recommended Sirene to me. He is a fantastic 5* horse that has achieved incredible results and recently won 2 gold medals at the Pan American Games.

What do you want to tell us about François? For me, François is a great businessman, he has a big heart. He wants to help young people who are working hard to try to accomplish something in the sport. I am very grateful for everything he has done for me in my career so far!

François Mathy’s reaction to Marlon’s victory

“It’s a pleasure to be a little bit involved in something in your success. When the owner of Sirene addressed me, I knew right away that she would correspond to you. You are an example to the younger generation of riders. With hard work, talent and determination, you gradually earn your goal and set new ones. I would also like to congratulate your team and your family who are always so close to you. I am sure you will have many more successes and I will do my best to be there for something too. Thank you, Marlon.