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Exceptional horses

Selected by François Mathy

Commented and cheered by their respective Cavaliers, here are some of the greatest champions from the François Mathy team.

François Mathy will gladly accompany you in choosing the horse with which you can get the best results. All horses do not become champions; but those who will cross the road of François Mathy will be able to claim at least this title.


Kannan is one of the largest breeder of his generation, he is one of the most requested stallions in the world.

Strength, respect and temperament characterize him. It has 550 winning products including Nino des Buissonnets champion olympique en 2012, Quabri de l’Isle jeux Equestres Mondiaux de Tryon, 3e du GP CSIO5*d’Aix La Chapelle; vainqueur de la Coupe des Nations au CSIO5* de la Baule …


On this photo Kannan rode by François Jr during the final of the 7-year-old world championship in 1999.


“ Her Greatest character trait was her dependability ! she always gave her best and really seemed to understand what we were trying to accomplish. She really didn’t have any bad character trait but if you had to say it was probably that she was always very hungry !!! Unfortunately she was often on a diet.

A fun fact is that she knew when it was a big day and would whinny loudly at the Ingate before she went , and she really wasn’t a vocal horse in general.

Her biggest victories were Gold medal Athens 2004, Gold medal Hong Kong 2008, Winning the spruce meadows masters in 2009, la baule and Rome in 2010 ; “

McLain Ward


“ Greatest character trait would be her athleticism and good nature. A fun fact is she absolutely loves pizza ! Her biggest victory was being champion at the World Cup finals 2018 and winning the Grand Prix of Rome. “

Azur received the award for the best horse in the world 

“ Something to know is that both she and sapphire are incredibly kind and gentle in the barn. As often when they crossed the road of François Mathy. “

McLain Ward

La Ina, Nustria and Benetton

“ My greatest horse came from François, called La Ina. It was François who convinced the team for which I was working to buy it. This horse was amazing. He has winning the individual European Championship and the first million dollars in a class winning the Masters in Calgary. “

Nustria is another great horse that François convinced me to try in Liège, he was 6 years old.

At 7 years old he was second in 2 world cups Amsterdam and Olympia. He then finished 3rd in World Cup final Goteborg. In the following spring he won his big first 5 star GP at Windsor.

Shortly after he died, for me this was to be my greatest horse as we were planning Sydney Olympics to win!

Then Benetton at 8yrs he was leading the individual final at the Olympics in Atlanta, going into the last round the last fence cost us a medal, but what a great performance, from such an inexperienced talented horse.
Ensuite, Then “Taime” double clear in Aachen Nations Cup and second in the Grand Prix..

My Children, Harry Sienna and Scarlett have all won countless medals at European championships on great horses from François.
Yes we are all getting older, but are not done yet! So Francois we salute you not just as a great horseman, but as a wonderful person and a great friend! Long may it continue. “

Peter Charles


World Champion in 2018

“ For me, Cristalline is the horse of a lifetime in every way! Just getting to be around her every day is a treat.

At home she is very even-tempered, she is not particularly mare-ish and is a pleasure to ride every day.

She loves to roll whenever she is hand walked or taken out for grass! She also makes funny noises in her stall, if you’re not accustomed to it you could seriously think something was wrong!

She loves to eat dirt, at the beginning we thought she might have a salt deficiency but have realized it’s just one of her preferences.

I love to wander around the farm with her, whether on her back or on foot she loves to explore.

My favorite memory: I have never been so relaxed to jump 1.70!

Our partnership has enabled me to achieve beyond what I dreamt to be possible and taken me to the pinnacle of the sport.

I feel forever indebted to her and am so grateful to Ecurie Mathy for connecting me with her! “

Adrienne Sternlicht