Guest of the month

François Mathy guest of the month for Lequimag

“A talent scout” is how journalist Marie-Eve Rebts chose to name her report.

Lequimag oct 2019

6 pages are dedicated to François’ work. 6 pages during which the opportunity is given to discover his talent, his art, his history, his career and the choices that led him to what he is and achieves today.

“The horse trade is a bit like the art trade; each piece is different,” explains François Mathy.

From Belgium, which has become a major player in the horse trade to its international partnerships and its Olympic medal; nothing in the history of François Mathy is left to chance.

“Detecting a good horse takes a short time but its future depends on a rider who will ride it,” François Mathy explains to Lequimag.

Equimag oct 2019

Then, François is questioned about his worst and best memories. The first were marked by the accidental death of Horta, a remarkable mare. The second by this double victory in the Olympic Games as well as victories belonging to François Jr and Laura, two of his children. The future of Jumping, its collaborations, the success of his son, Junior, everything is there.

“When I buy horses, I pay particular attention to character, as well as power and respect for the obstacle.

oct 2019

This very pretty portrait of François Mathy is available in Lequimag of October 2019: “François Mathy, the guest of the month”.