Coaching and sale, who is Mark Hayes ?

Mark training with Charlotte Bettendorf

Blog : What is your background ?

Mark Hayes: I’ve trained riders up to the level of world championships and world cup finals, and I’ve been buying and selling horses for 37 years.

Blog: What can we learn from you?

Mark Hayes: The Basics of Riding and Training Horses for All Levels of Competition

Blog: What is your best memory?

Mark Hayes: The qualification of a rider that I trained and a young horse that I bought from François Mathy Sr. to be part of the Canadian team at the world championships.

  Blog : You often see François Jr and Charlotte at work, what are their strengths and weaknesses ?    

You often see François Jr anFrançois is a strong rider with fantastic balance for a big man. His size is his strengh as well as weakness.

Charlotte is amazing at dealing with all types of horses and getting the most from them even if they have had problems in the past.

Blog : What are the qualities of a good coach ?  

Mark Hayes : Understanding and communication

Blog : What do you insist on with your students

Mark Hayes : Discipline and respect to the horses and the trainer

Blog : If you have to name a horse  

Mark Hayes : Sapphir

Blog : Belgium is ?

Mark Hayes : The epicenter of the horse industry.