Christmas at the Stables

It was a special Sunday. He started by decorating the place. A moment that meant a lot to Claudia. In a very short time, the office took on a festive air. The magic of Christmas took hold.

Every year, at this time , we gather the whole team around a meal. Everyone was present except François Jr. who was detained by a competition in Spain.

On the menu, a typical dish of the region: Raclette. Melted cheese, charcuterie, raw vegetables and potatoes. At this time of the year, it is one of the favourite meals of the Belgians.

These are always very warm moments when we get to know each other better because there is no question of talking about work.

During the evening, the new jackets from the stables were presented and offered to everyone. Grey, very elegant, they are distinguished by the logo of widely represented in the back.

We hope that this new year will bring you a lot of softness and success in your projects.

Happy New Year 2020.