Charlotte Bettendorf, portrait of a great champion

Charlotte rides a horse for the first time when she is only 3 years old. His mother owns a riding arena. She spends as much time there as she can. Her daddy is a veterinarian. Horses, she’s known about it all along. The lanyard, the aerobatics, the obstacle, Charlotte is curious about everything. For the Bettendorf, horseback riding is a family affair. Charlotte’s brothers are also very good riders.

30 years old and already many victories.

This season, Charlotte wins all the awards. She is a formidable opponent. Last weekend, in Jumping of Liège, she received the title of best rider. Today, she is among the 100 best riders in the world.

Charlotte Bettendorf CSI4* 1,50m Liege

For the past 2 years, Charlotte has been working with Ecurie Mathy. It was François who spotted his way of climbing. François Mathy and Charlotte’s father know each other well. According to Charlotte, they look very similar. Charlotte also enjoys training with François Jr., which she considers to be a privilege.

As a young married woman, Charlotte smiled at life and life smiled at her. It was during a competition that this talented rider met her future husband whom she married last summer.

Feel free to follow Charlotte on her networks. We will keep you informed of its latest news between Stuttgart, Munich, Rouen and Spain.