Brazilians interns at Mathy Stables

Antonio Johannpeter Cirne Lima tells his stay at the stables.

Antonio, 15 years, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, made a stop this summer, with his whole family, at Stables Mathy. Antonio joined a group of 7 other Brazilians who came to train alongside Canadian Mark Hayes.

Why are you here?

I think it’s very good to work with people who know a lot more than us and to see how horse riding is developed here in Europe. We still have a lot to learn and implement in Brazil, although horse riding is an important part of it.

What did you learn during your stay here?

Flat work greatly improves the quality of my jumps. The coaches here are more severe and demanding than in Brazil it taught me a lot and strengthened; it’s something I take with me. I hope to come back again and again. There is a great experience to take here.

Your coach is Mark Hayes, what do you think of him?

He is an excellent instructor. He is very friendly and really dedicated to our learning. He wants to share with us everything he knows. He is very generous. I loved working with him.

What should be improved in the way we work?

It’s hard to answer. It’s already so complete. You have to organize more internships!

Anything else, did you taste Belgian specialties?

I tasted “french fries” I loved it with a special sauce that I do not know the name anymore. It is a very beautiful place. I will remember lots of great things. And then the horses here at Stables Mathy are incredible. I have mounted horses with an exceptional character. Moreover, 3 of them were sold during the internship.