And life resumes its rhythm…

Life resumes, personal activities as well as work. The Blog interviewed the Mathy family members and her team. Who’s in a hurry to do what? The next competitions, good addresses to share, …    

The Blog : How are you François?

François Jr: Fine. Thank you. Inactivity at the competition level was compensated by family time. While I continued to train with horses, I also did other sports including many mountain bike outings. I feel great. The pressure’s been taken off a little bit, it feels good. And I’m happy to be able to move around more freely again.

François Jr & his goddaughter Vanina

The Blog: What will be your first moves?

François Jr: St Tropez for the CSI 4* in Grimaud, I’m on my way there now as I answer your questions.

The Blog : You’ll surely go back to your favorite restaurants very soon. Addresses to recommend us?

François Jr : L’Amirauté in Tilff, the best place to eat well and have a good time with friends.

The Cantil. It offers refined cuisine and is the perfect place for a dinner for two in a charming atmosphere.

The Blog: Are your two daughters, Alix and Elena, okay?

François Jr : Yes, Alix went back to school normally. Elena, only go once a week. They handled the period well.

The Blog: Can you comment on the photo you’ve chosen?

François Jr.: It was during a family dinner for my birthday on June 10. This is my goddaughter Vanina Lombard who’s with me.

The Blog : François and Claudia, how are you?

Claudia: I’m super happy to see things relaxing. At first it seemed so surreal. It took a few days to adjust. We took some time for ourselves. For our garden. To spend more time with your family. I loved those long moments of discussion at the table all together. I’ve been reading a lot, too.

Fifi: I lived this moment with patience and a lot of concern. I’ll really be more relaxed when I’m sure I can travel freely without fear. I spent a lot of time with my children, I am really happy to have been able to enjoy their presence during this period.

Claudia & François

The Blog: What will be your first moves?

Claudia: St Tropez for the CSI 4* in Grimaud, we will meet our friends and children and part of our team who are competing.

The Blog: Since the deconfinement you have allowed yourself?

Claudia: I went straight to the hairdresser. I saw some friends. And I look forward to the moment when I can hug them.

Fifi: The hairdresser …right away (laughs)

The Blog : We know you’re seafood lover … St Tropez is a good time!

Both: Oh yes! We’re going to be greedy and share many platters.

The Blog : Beautiful this photo of you both

Claudia: Yes, we’re still very much in love. Every day more and I’m very lucky to have a man like him by my side. I admire him every day for his many qualities. Love is what will allow us to get out of difficult situations like the one we have just experienced. I wish us all solidarity and friendship.

The Blog : How are you doing Laura?

Laura: I’m fine, thank you. I’m glad to see that life is back on track. At first, it was a little chaotic. There was a lot of uncertainty about the courses, the exams, the containment area. I lost my bearings. Then I started getting up earlier than usual, eating healthier breakfasts, giving them more time. I took a closer look at my diet. Pretty soon, I got myself a new routine. In the morning I work on my thesis, in the afternoon I do sports, then I read and go back to work. This rhythm has allowed me to maintain a great serenity. I missed my friends, I missed my classmates who are in the same rhythm and who are going through the same thing as me; I can get some of my motivation from them. it’s important, I missed the competitions a lot too

Julia & Laura

The Blog: What will be your first moves?

Laura: My priority is to see my friends. Together with my mother, my sister and a friend we have already been to Maastricht to enjoy a terrace.

The Blog : We’re not sure we’ll see you in Grimaud?

Laura: I hurt my hip while running. I’m gonna lay low until I get back on my feet.

The Blog: A comment on the photo you chose?

Laura : I’m there with my sister Julia. Usually she spends the year in London, we’ve had more time together, it’s precious.

The Blog : How are you Aline?

Aline: Great. Like everyone else, I am happy to be back with my friends and my favourite activities. During the first stage of deconfinement, I immediately shared a game of paddle with my friends. Then some restaurants.

The Blog: What will be your first moves?

Le Blog: What will be your first moves? My brother and I had to go to Greece with our family.  The stay having been cancelled, we are thinking of a road trip to Italy.

The Blog : You’ve been eager to find your favorite addresses, what are they?

Aline: I went to the Flambant Bœuf with my friend Laure and also to the Admiralty with my friend Stéphanie.

The Blog: I asked you for a picture of you, is this your daughter if I’m not mistaken?

Aline: No no, it’s me young (laughs)


The Blog: How are you Julia?

Julia: Fine, thank you. I’ve been taking advantage of my family a lot these past few months. I spent the year in London for my studies; when the confinement was announced, I went straight home. At home, we all had different activities, we met every day to build moments together. The days went by quickly.

The Blog: What will be your first moves?

Julia: In London, I’m lucky enough to discover a lot of new things every day or so. I got addicted to the rhythm. I kind of missed it. I’m glad I can get around again. I went to Knokke recently, I’ll be in St Tropez next week with the family.

Julia & Blue

The Blog: What do you like to eat ?

Julia: I love Asian food and Brazilian desserts. In fact, we made a lot of cakes during this period.

The Blog: And the studies?

Julia: Online, it was a bit strange but it’s better than losing the semester. It may well be that the next semester will go the same way.

The Blog: How are you Charlotte and your arm?

Charlotte Bettendorf: Better thank you. . I spent the lockdown at my husband’s house. I wasn’t able to get up there. I came back to the stables on May. Just over a month ago, it’s been doing me a world of good. I feel great here at Mathy Stables.

Charlotte & Eno

The Blog: What will be your first moves?

Charlotte Bettendorf : St Tropez for the CSI 4* of Grimaud, I am very impatient. I missed the competition.

The Blog : You’ll surely go back to your favorite restaurants very soon. Addresses to recommend us?

Charlotte Bettendorf: Not particularly but I have a weakness for Italian food.

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