A weekend like no other

Not a victory, not two but dozens around the world in just a few days.

In the riding world, every week, you can have access to a competition all over the world.

As François Junior very well says “Riding is a sport of constant questioning”; overnight, you can go from success to chess.

And the, there are exceptional weekends where all the conditions are met. The good horse, the good mind, the talent, the course, the good feeling, the work that pays, …

This is one of those we experienced at the beginning of August. Around the world, the wins marked “Ecurie Mathy” have been accumulated in just a few days. What joy and what a feeling of work well done. It’s a huge smile that, once again, has won our faces.

Laura Mathy was in France , in Dinard, with Blue, her young dog, who for the first time put the legs on a beach and in the sea. Laura ranked very well with Gantira and Jackson. Our American students were also present. Here are their results.


  • Gantira & Laura Mathy 2nd and 6th place
  • Jackson & Laura Mathy 6th and 7th place
  • Raleigh Hiler & Herald Van’t Ruytershof clear and 8th 3* 150
  • Annabel Revers & H&M Carat Desire Clear and 11th place 3* Grand Prix

In England, in London, François Mathy Jr shone with his faithful Casanova de l’Herse et Uno de la Roque.


  • Casanova de l’Herse & Francois Mathy Jr 3rd place 145 sunday speed class !!
  • Uno De la Roque & Francois Mathy Jr 4th place 155 Sunday Grand Prix !!

In Germany, Charlotte Bettendorf has undoubtedly achieved what will remain one of her of the best performances of her career. An incredible journey for our young Luxembourgish rider who went back on board a little racing car. Charlotte’s results :


  • Iris Vd Bisschop & Charlotte Bettendorf WINNER 145

In Germany again, Mihaita Burla who works with Charlotte Bettendorf won the prize for the best groomed horse.

From Slovakia to Brazil, other performances have completed this excellent track record.

CSI2* Samorin

  • Cleofas van Westuur & Marc Bettinger WINNER 2* Grand Prix !!
  • Championnat de France Children
  • Salta de Cartigny & Eden Leprevost Vice Championne de France Children !!
  • Championnat Brésilien d’amateur
  • Utopia van de Ryst & Joao Roberto Marinho WINNER of Brazilian Championship of Amateur

Once again , François Mathy’s flair pays off. If you also want to benefit from his advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Still BRAVO to these riders and their horses. Thank you for your confidences. François Mathy, his family and all Mathy Stables employees are happy to accompany you every day in your projects.