A party to celebrate the presence of our customers.

Summer is an opportunity to welcome many trainees to Ecuries Mathy. They come to perfect themselves for a few days or weeks with our specialized instructors. They enjoy the best competitions around. They also have the opportunity to meet our competitors like François Mathy Jr. and Charlotte Bettendorf and learn from them.

We manage a large part of the agenda, housing, competitions, the discovery of our country, staff, horses, ….

The latest arrivals are always a great pretext to party.

This time, it’s a Belgian-Brazilian party similar to the origins of Claudia and François that has been organized. That’s how, Tuesday night, we gathered around a barbecue with local and South American flavors.

The evening began around 19h, it brought together about forty people. Americans, Brazilians, our coaches, employees and our family of course.

Some Brazilians who did not speak good English were a bit intimidated at first, but very soon the warm atmosphere made it possible for everyone to get to know each other.

The sun was present, we were installed on the terrace which offers a plunging view of the field and the outdoor track. A terrace which you can also enjoy at any time of the day even in winter.

On the menu of this evening: Brazilian meat. Very tasty. Churrasco is the Brazilian barbecue. The meat is strung on large spits and cooked over the embers on an outdoor grill.

It is our employees, Pedro and Pablo who with great talent have kept cooking. They cooked and seasoned the meat with great taste; everyone is still salivating. By the way, thanks to them.

It was a beautiful evening that allowed us to know each other better. Around midnight, everyone went back to bed to be in shape for another day of training. Welcome to Mathy Stables.