A hidden treasure

On the occasion of François’s birthday at the end of December, Claudia collected some press clippings.

François’ number at the Olympic Games

There are thousands more. In 60 years of activity, the press has never ceased to be interested in François. The family has kept every article that has appeared. It would take years to go through them all.

More recently, Claudia has collected for her husband a large number of articles that retrace the year of victory at the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976.

2 bronze medals, individual and team

We wanted to share with you these historical highlights.

François and Gai Luron formed a formidable duo in Montreal. The Belgian press, both local and international, very quickly measured what was at stake. Numerous reports and photos were taken before the departure for the games. And of course, even more afterwards. From magazine covers to very complete articles, everything was done. The most beautiful photos are undoubtedly those of the return home. Upon his return, François was warmly welcomed and applauded. You will also see Junior next to his grandparents, all three of them didn’t miss a single article. It was the year 1976.